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    Wines of the Week – June 7-14, 2013

    This week for your consideration there are two Cabernets, and both are worthy of buying.? They’ll come in at different price points, and they are of different quality, but both are good and likely to get better.? Here they are:

    CIMG1691Wine:??? 2010 Marques de Casa Concha Cabernet Sauvignon ?????? Winery Location:?? Chile

    Tasted By:? ??? Neil and Cheri ???????????????????????????? Date:???? June 2013

    Tasting Notes: ????? Deep purple/red in the glass and almost opaque.? It has tons of glycerol.? The aromas immediately are somewhat reserved, with restrained black fruit that seems like there is a veil over a well of deeper fruit.? Once it’s in your mouth it’s the same story.? It’s full bodied, there is some tannin that is pretty well integrated but not quite there yet.? It’s long.? The fruit is there on the palate, but not quite what seems should be there, and the structure is present for some aging.? This seems closed down to me, a very good wine that is going to get a lot better in the bottle over the next few years.? While it is plenty good enough to drink now I would put it down for a year or two.? It’s good.? We’ve had many vintages of Marques de Casa Concha wines and they are always delicious.? This is a go to wine that generally doesn’t disappoint.

    Price Point – ?? We paid $14 on sale, and it is a great value there.? Expect more like $17,and then it is still worth it.

    Would We Buy It? ?? Yes, we have many times and will again.? If you are looking for a good bottle of Cabernet or Merlot in the $15-$20 range Marques de Casa Concha is a good choice.? It might not be the absolutely best bottle in this range, but it is always reasonable value.


    CIMG1715Wine:??? 2006 Atlas Peak Cabernet Sauvignon ??????? Winery Location:?? Napa

    Tasted By:? ????? Neil and Cheri ??????????????????????????????????????? Date:?? June, 2013

    Tasting Notes: ????? Deep, deep red in the glass, there is an expressive nose of dark fruit.? The aromas are quite intense.? On the palate there is mouth coating fruit.? Classic cabernet flavors permeate.? Very, very long it is still somewhat tannic, and will still get better with age.? This has significant life yet, and I would imagine that it’s peak if 4-5 years away.? Still, right now it is just yummy if you like big Cabs, and we love big Cabs.? Tough to go wrong with this.? Still have one bottle left in the cellar and might have to replenish the stock.

    Price Point – ?? $25 – $30 on wine-searcher.? We paid $22 on sale.

    Would We Buy It? ?? Absolutely.? This is really good cabernet and will hold up to very hearty foods as well as anyone’s palate that likes bold red wine.?? This has a sentimental value for us as this bottle was what I ordered at my 50th birthday dinner, but either way it is just good.

    There you have it,? two good cabernets at different price points, and both represent good values.? You can’t go wrong with either one.

    A votre sante!

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