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    Wines of the Week, June 15-22, 2013

    Here are two wines which provided some drinking pleasure over the last week.? They both represent value, although I dare say one is a bit more in that category when you consider what we paid for it.? Yes, we scored another ridiculous value at the Kingstown Liquor Mart.? It’s rather dangerous that the store is on the way home during my afternoon commute.? Doesn’t help that their single malt scotch selection is excellent as well.? Anyway, those are my problems.? To the wines!

    CIMG1854Wine:?? 2010 Thomas Goss Cabernet Sauvignon ??Winery Location: McClaren Vale, Australia

    Tasted By:? ? Neil & Cheri ??????????????????????????????????? Date:???? June 2013

    Tasting Notes: ???? This is seriously good wine.? Dark, dark purply red out of the bottle with some reddish hue at the rim.? It has gobs of glycerol that slowly rolls down the glass side.? On the nose there are dark fruits, and some complex nuances.? Lots going on here.? You also get a hint that the alcohol content is on the high side (it’s actually 14.5%, so not over the top but pretty beefy).? On the palate lots more dark fruit, which coats the mouth fairly well.? Medium+ in body it hits all the points, with a blast of fruit that deepens and goes on and on. This is really, really, really long.

    Price Point – ?? we paid $13, which is highway robbery on my part.? Saw it for $20 on wine-searcher, and I wouldn’t be upset at all if I had paid that.

    Would We Buy It? ? without question, this is a fantastic $13 bottle.


    CIMG1858Wine:? 2011 Concha Y Toro Casillero del Diablo Malbec

    Winery Location:?? Chile

    Tasted By:? ????? Neil & Cheri ?????????? Date:???? June 2013

    Tasting Notes: ????? A nice, hearty red here, deep purply red in the glass with a nose of dark fruit with evident wood and a little bit of smoky meat as an undertone.? There is smokey oak on the palate mixing with the dark fruit.? It’s medium+ in body with good length.? I would use the word ‘hearty’ in describing this.? It just screams to be paired with red meat off the grill.? This line by Concha y Toro is always a sure bet for a pretty good bottle of wine at a reasonable price.? Years ago when they first introduced it we tried the carmenere and though it was excellent.? So much so that due to its $4 price tag I bought four cases.? While you can’t get it for that price anymore it’s still good.

    Price Point – ?? $9

    Would We Buy It? ? Yes.? This is always a good bet for a good value and pretty good wine.? We like the malbec, the cab and the carmenere,? All generally under $10.

    Both of these are winners and worth considering.? If you see the Thomas Goss you should try a bottle.

    A votre sante!

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