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    Wines of the Week, Jan 25&26, 2013

    This week we popped three wines, two inexpensive values and a very yummy California Cabernet.? All are worth buying in my opinion, but Cheri does not necessarily agree on one of them.? You’ll have to make our own judgement.? Anyway, here they are:



    Wine:?? 2011 Terra Andina Cabernet ????????? Winery Location:?? Chile

    Tasted By:? ????? Neil & Cheri ???????????????????????????????? Date:???? Jan 25, 2013

    Tasting Notes: ????? Dark fruit on the nose and palate.? This is full bodied, with rich and round, bold cabernet flavors, so the label does not lie.? Really crafted to drink right now.? It is very yummy and a steal.

    Price Point – ?? $6.99 on sale!

    Would We Buy It? ?? Absolutely.? We both loved this, especially for the $$.? This is certainly a case candidate.? Will make a great everyday wine.


    Wine:??? 2007 Hidden Cellars Petite Sirah ?????? Winery Location:?? Mendocino, CA

    Tasted By:? ?? Neil & Cheri ???????????????????????????????????????????? Date:??? Jan 26, 2013?

    Tasting Notes: ????? Dark fruits on the nose and the palate.? This is a touch austere at first, but is full bodied and long.? It opens up a bit after some air time.? I liked it very much, and think it’s another winner in a hot streak of Petite Sirahs we had recently.? Cheri wasn’t quite as enamored with it.? We opened this right after the Terra Andina Cab and it is much more restrained.? Thumbs up from me, so it’s a split decision.

    Price Point – ?? Also $6.99 on sale.

    Would We Buy It?? I would buy it by the case at $6.99.? If you like a wine that is a bit more restrained and not just plush in your face, then you’ll like this.? I think it’s another great everyday wine.? Cheri will probably drink all the Terra Andina while I drink this.? In fact I’m drinking this as I write this blog entry.


    Wine:??? 2008 Raymond Family Classic Cabernet ???? Winery Location:?? Napa

    Tasted By:? ?? Neil & Cheri ?????????????????????????????????????????????????? ? ? ? ? ? Date:???? Jan 26, 2013

    Tasting Notes:? Really good stuff here.? This is sourced fom Napa, Sonoma and Lake County (68% Napa, 23% Sonoma and 9% Lake).? Basically take the review for the Terra Andina Cab above and pump it up everywhere.? Bursting with fruit on the nose, this hits your palate with gobs of red and black fruit and is seamless and rich.? Full bodied and long.? This is really lush, checking in at 14.1% alcohol and oh so smooth.? I think this is hitting it’s peak.? Far too easy to drink to make the bottle last.

    Price Point – ?? $16 at Empirewine.com

    Would We Buy It? ?? At $16, you bet.? This is just delicious.? It’s worth more than this, so get a few to drink over the next couple of years.

    There it is.? In my opinion we went 3 for 3, but Cheri’s palate did not completely agree.? You certainly can’t go wrong with the two Cabernets at the price points they’re at.? I think the same about the Petite Sirah.? Try the Raymond – it’s an CIMG1419excellent bottle of wine for under $20.? Buy the Terra Andina by the case and be very happy when you open one during the week.

    A votre sante!

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