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    Value Red from the Southern Rhone

    Here is yet another great value wine from Ferraton Père & Fils.? We can honestly say that every wine we have reviewed from them over the past three vintages has been excellent, and consistency is an absolute hallmark of this producer.? Excellent wines, great price points and unbeatable values.? If you want a good, solid bottle of wine this is a name you should look for.

    Here is the wine in question:

    2017 Samorens Cotes du RhoneWine: ? 2017 Ferraton Père & Fils C?tes du Rh?ne “Samor?ns

    Winery Location: ? Rhone Valley, France

    Tasted By: ? Neil & Cheri ? ? ? ? ?

    Tasting Notes:? The color is a ruby red with touches of garnet.? The nose brings berry fruit, on the palate you get more rasberry.? There are savory and herbal notes.? It is medium bodied, very smooth and supported by firm tannins that build a bit at the end.? Everything is in balance here, and there is some acid to cleanse the palate.? A long finish wraps up another excellent Ferraton wine.

    Price Point –? $16

    Would We Buy It?? Absolutely, this is a good value at $16, and a high quality wine.

    Put Ferraton Père & Fils on your list of go to producers.

    A votre santé!

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