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    Two Sweet Deals from Mack & Schuehle

    We are not huge fans of sweet wines.? Now that we live in North Carolina that preference comes into play very often, as there are many sweet wines here, and it is a style preferred by a lot of people. We think sweet has a place, of course, and off dry certainly does.? Think Vouvray, or Riesling, or some Chenin Blancs as well.? A good Port, or a Sauternes is great after dinner, and can certainly be quite sweet.? I love Pedro Jimenez sherry.? There are certainly times when a sweet wine works perfectly.

    The wines reviewed here are sweet, but they are light and refreshing as well.? All are based on partial fermentation, resulting in a lower alcohol level and a high percentage of remaining sugars.? These can be good anytime, before dinner, with dinner or afterwards.? Sipping them on a Sunday afternoon watching football worked just fine as well.? They are tasty treats and very reasonably priced.

    If you are familiar with Moscato, that light, semi sweet to sweet wine from northwest Italy and the Piemonte region, then you know this type of wine.? Also from the region comes Brachetto, essentially a red version of a Moscato type wine.? Mix them both together and you get something equally delicious.? We’ve got a little bit of all of that here, so let’s see what’s in the bottles.

    mosketto whiteWine: ?Mosketto Frizzante Bianco

    Winery Location:? ?Piedmont, Italy

    Tasted By:? Neil & Cheri? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?Date:? ?September 2020

    Tasting Notes:?? this is the white Moscato wine, with a light nose of white peach, apple and lemon-lime soda.? It is clean and fresh, smooth, sweet and light in texture.? Frizzante refers to a light amount of carbonation.? The alcohol is also low at 5%, a result of the wine only partially fermenting.? This is delicious.

    Price Point –? ? $12 and well worth it.

    Would We Buy It?? ? absolutely.? This is a good Moscato, and has the light, fluffy quality the good ones bring.? You can drink this anytime.? Serve well chilled.? A good value, this goes on our Value List.

    And now the blend:

    mosketto pinkWine: ? Mosketto Frizzante Rosso

    Winery Location:? ?Piedmont, Italy

    Tasted By:?Neil & Cheri? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?Date:? ?September 2020

    Tasting Notes:?? a light, vibrant pink in color, this has a restrained nose of ripe fruit.? It is sweet, like all of these, but still light and delicate.? I would call it smooth.? Certainly it is delicious as well.? A mix of mostly Moscato with Brachetto.? 5.5% alcohol content.

    Price Point –? ? $12

    Would We Buy It?? ? yes, without a doubt.? This one has some nice fruit and a refreshing profile at a great price.? Also a Value List wine.

    Both of these are delicious, and would work with spicy food, or as a afternoon sipper.? Actually, the Moscato and the Rosato will work anytime, anywhere.

    A votre santé!

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