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    Two Quality Driven Values from Ferraton Pere & Fils

    Ferraton Père & Fils makes wine in the Rhone Valley of France.? The house dates back to 1946, and has passed from father to son along the way.? It is now managed by a passionate team with great respect for the land, the vines and the wine.? The original vineyards were expanded, and the reach of their wines stretched even further, as they produce wine from quality grapes sourced throughout the region.? Today you can find all the great regions of the Rhone represented in their portfolio, from Hermitage in the north to Gigondas in the south, and even to the rosés of Tavel.? In the past we have always been impressed with the quality, and resulting value, of wines from Ferraton.? The latest vintages of two of their C?tes-du-Rh?ne wines are in for review, and we expect the usual excellence.? Let’s see what was in the bottles:

    samorens 2017 whiteWine: ?? 2017 Ferraton Père & Fils C?tes du Rh?ne Blanc Samor?ns

    Winery Location: ? Rhone Valley, France

    Tasted By: ? Neil & Cheri ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? Date:? November 2018 ??

    Tasting Notes:? This wine is a blend of 60% White Grenache and 40% Clairette.? It is matured in concrete vats with no malolactic fermentation.? It is bottled early.? The result is a wine with aromas of white flower, blackcurrant bud and a little honeysuckle.? It is very smooth on the palate, with great balance and a good, refreshing acid component.? The wine stays clean throughout.? A complex and pleasing white.

    Price Point – ?? Around $15

    Would We Buy It? ?? We would, absolutely.? This is a great value and a smooth, complex white wine.

    And now the red:

    cotes du rhone villages 2017Wine:? 2017 Ferraton Pére & Fils C?tes du Rh?ne Villages Rouge – Plan de Dieu

    Winery Location: ? Rhone Valley,? France

    Tasted By:? Neil & Cheri ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? Date: ? November, 2018

    Tasting Notes:? A blend of Grenache, Syrah, Mourvèdre and Carignan, this is vinified and matured in concrete vats.? It is a dark, purple red, with black plum and dark berry aromas and flavors.? There are herbal notes, some savory qualities and a little black licorice, but the core is all fruit.? It is full bodied, with brisk tannins.? On the palate the savory takes a stronger presence.? You also get a touch of smoke.? This is very complex, very long and an excellent C?tes du Rh?ne.

    Price Point – ?? Under $20

    Would We Buy It? ?? Yes.? This is a quality wine through and through.

    We are always impressed with the wines of Ferraton Père & Fils.? The two wines reviewed here give us no reason to change that opinion.? These are seriously good wines, and good values.

    A votre santé!

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