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    Two Delicious Italian Wines for Summertime

    In this article we’ll review two wines from Vino dei Fratelli, an Italian producer whose lineup includes wine from around Italy, made by families who specialize in their own region’s indigenous grapes and production methods.? Wines range from Pinot Grigio sourced from the northeastern DOCs of Collio and Friuli Isonzo, right next to the Slovenian border, to Tuscany for Chianti.? Moscato from Piemonte, in the west, also makes an appearance.? You can get a Montelpuciano and some Prosecco as well.? Italian wines, anyone?

    First we’ll talk about their Pinot Grigio, from near the Slovenian border as previously mentioned.? This area is know for Pinot Grigio, and it can be a significant and distinct wine when done right.? Many of these far surpass the easy drinking juice most are familiar with.? Let’s see what was in this particular bottle:

    Fratelli Pinot GrigioWine: ? 2017 Vino Dei Fratelli Pinot Grigio

    Winery Location: ? Northeast Italy

    Tasted By:? Neil & Cheri ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? Date:? May 2019

    Tasting Notes:? The wine is a pale straw color, with a complex nose of fruit and floral notes.? It is a bit restrained, and not in your face as many are.? On the palate the wine has crisp acid, but still some texture and mouth feel, giving it a elegance and raising the quality level.? It finishes long and clean.? In production, this is left in stainless for 6 months prior to bottling, which accounts for the increased body and texture.? It is very well made.

    Price Point – ?? $12.99

    Would We Buy It? ?? yes we would.? This is an excellent value at $12.99.? It has the characteristics of a more expensive wine.

    And now for something truly fun:

    IMG_2623Wine: ? Vino dei Fratelli Mochetto

    Winery Location: ? Piemonte, Italy

    Tasted By: ? Neil & Cheri ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?? Date: ? May, 2019 ??

    Tasting Notes:? We love Moscato when done well, it has an ethereal lightness and vibrancy which is refreshing and delicious.? We could say the same for Brachetto, a pinky red version of a similar wine from red grapes.? So what could? be even better?? Why, mixing them together of course!? Here we have juice that is 90% Moscato and 10% Brachetto.? It is a rich pink in color, with a gorgeous nose of peach, melons and other assorted fruits.? On the palate you get more strawberry.? This is delicious, smooth, semi-sweet, fresh, clean and delightful.? Thankfully it is only at 5.5% alcohol, because you can drink it in a hurry and ask for more.? One of my newest favorite things.

    Price Point – ?? $17.99

    Would We Buy It? ? Yes, as this is really delicious.? It is not inexpensive for Moscato, but it is different, and beautifully done.

    There are two wines well worth considering for summertime parties, weekends on the deck, or pretty much anything, anytime.? Both are well made.? Both are good values.

    A votre santé!


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