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    Two Amazing Reds From 3 Rings in the Barossa Valley

    3 ringsWe’ve frequently said how one of the best things about wine is finding that gem, the wine that drinks far, far above it’s price point.? They are always out there, and everyone runs across a few here and there, but even among the gems there are the diamonds.? When you find one of these it’s generally best to buy a few cases and congratulate yourself on your good fortune.? We’ll review two of these diamonds below.

    3 Rings makes wine in the storied Barossa Valley in South Australia, and has been doing so since 2004, with a mission to showcase Shiraz and the valley.? The vineyards which source the fruit for their wines are part of the equally storied Hickinbotham Vineyards, established in 1971.? However, the Hickinbotham family tradition in wine goes further back, to 1936 when Alan Robb Hickinbotham established the winemaking course of study at Roseworthy Agricultural College in South Australia.? Through his teaching of the new group of young winemakers over the course of the next decade plus, he became known as the father of Australian professional winemaking education.? Winemaking is in this family’s blood.

    Two generations later, David and Dena Hickinbotham manage the family business.? They have long sold grapes to other wineries in the area, but with 3 Rings they create a wine which is theirs, from vineyard to bottle.? As you’ll read below, it’s a very good thing that they do.? 3 Rings makes a Shiraz, a Cabernet Sauvignon and a Reserve Shiraz.? We have the Shiraz and Cabernet in for review.? Let’s see what’s in the bottles.

    3 Rings Barossa Valley Shiraz 2017 –?the growing season was ideal, with well timed rains and a long Indian Summer, allowing IMG-0400the grapes to ripen fully and consistently.? This is considered a more elegant and restrained vintage overall, not the usual bold flavor profile Barossa is known for.? Our impression:

    The wine is a dark reddish purple.? This has a big nose, with lots of savory notes, as well as floral, caramel and herbal aromas.? Dark fruits form the core.? On the palate this is rich but focused, with very approachable tannins that present more on the back of the palate.? Black plum fruit is accented with cherry flavors.? It is smooth, refined and very elegant, exactly in line with the vintage characteristics.? I could go on and on raving about this juice, as it drinks like a $50+ bottle of high end shiraz.? It is high end shiraz, just not priced that way.? You can find this wine for under $20, and you should find this wine.? When you do buy a case or two.? This is one of the best under $20 wines we have ever tried.? This is a diamond.

    3 Rings Barossa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon 2015 –?the 2015 vintage was nearly perfect, known as one of the shortest and IMG-0389fastest.? There were mild ripening conditions with below average temperatures, producing high quality fruit.? Here’s what we think:

    This juice is a dark purple red.? The nose has aromas of berries, wood, and a hint of tar.? There is a strong herbal backbone.? On the palate the fruit is front and center, with predominantly berry fruit.? There is a touch of Jolly Rancher right out of the bottle, but with some air time this becomes very elegant and complex.? It is full bodied and long, with medium tannins.? The herbal streak makes this wine somewhat different and interesting.? Also under $20, it is a pretty amazing value.? Buy a case of this as well.? You won’t find wines that over deliver to this level very often.

    The Hickinbotham family sold all of their grapes to other winemakers for years.? Now that they are making their own wine with some of them, the wine world is a better place.

    You can read more about 3 Rings on their website at?https://3rings.com.au/.? Their wines are distributed around the world, and their U.S. distributor is Quintessential Wines,?https://quintessentialwines.com/.

    A votre santé!

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