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    Some Solid Values from Chile, and TerraPura

    logoChile has become a mainstay in the international wine scene, and for very good reason.? You can find everything you might want in Chilean wine, ranging from solid value wines to exceptional, world class bottles.? There is no reason to think that will change anytime soon.

    Vi?a Matetic has been producing wine from Chile’s premier regions for almost twenty years.? We’ve reviewed some of their wines in the past, and found them excellent.? In this article we’ll look at one of their more recent ventures, focused on producing value priced wines from the best wine growing valleys in the country.? We’ll review four of them.

    TerraPura began in 2004, forging relationships with grape growers in the best regions of Chile.? They also focused on maintaining the integrity of the land and environment, using organic and biodynamic methods from the beginning.? Impressed with their results, Matetic joined forces with TerraPura in 2009.? The success continued, and the Matetic Wine Group acquired 100% of TerraPura in 2016.? They have expanded and improved on the winery facilities, increasing production capacity and modernizing, which allows them to process grapes within minutes of them arriving at the winery.? Everything can be carefully controlled.

    Let’s take a look at the wines:

    2018 TerraPura Chardonnay Reserva

    From the Curico Valley, this wine has a very light, golden color and a bright nose of tropical and melon fruit.? It is a touch off dry on the palate,IMG_2578 and seems sweeter than it really is based on residual sugar.? In the mouth this is all fruit, with tropical, orange and lemon flavors.? It finishes very clean and long.? This makes a great summer wine and will be a crowd pleaser.? It is an excellent value at $12.99.

    IMG_25562018 TerraPura Pinot Noir Reserva

    This Pinot Noir hails from the Itata Valley, and is a dark, cherry red in color.? The nose brings black cherry with some vanilla cream and rich earth.? It opens up with time, and gets richer.? On the palate, it is medium bodied, with nice balance and enough acid to pair with spicy foods.? The cherry gets a bit tart on the finish, but is still clean with good length.? This is a value Pinot Noir at $11.99.

    2018 TerraPura Cabernet Sauvignon Reserva

    A medium, brilliant ruby red in color, this wine comes from the Colchagua Valley.? The nose is all about red fruit, with complex IMG_2553nuances of coffee, blueberry tart along with some floral notes.? On the palate you get the fruit, but also a great coffee cream towards the end.? The fruit has elements of cherry and pomegranate.? The tannins are solid but integrated.? It is medium bodied with good length.? Overall, this is a very solid wine and a good value at $11.99.

    IMG_25542018 TerraPura Carmenere Reserva

    Also from the Colchagua Valley, this wine is a rich, ruby red in color.? The nose has red berries, oak, spice, blackberry, eucalyptus, red plum and tobacco, as well as a tiny touch of smokiness.? This is really complex.? It has good fruit on the palate, with the spice highlighting the long finish.? This is the best of the four wines reviewed here, and is an excellent value at $11.99.? This wine is highly recommended.

    There are many choice in the $10 – $15 range, from all over the world.? The four wines here are worthy of your consideration.

    A votre santé!

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