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    Quality Wines from Peter Zemmer in Alto Adige

    logoThe Alto Adige DOC is located in Northeast Italy, tucked under the southern slopes of the Dolomites.? This area presents an Alpine and Mediterranean climate, with the Adriatic Sea not far away.? Primarily known for its white wines, the region can, none the less, do quite nicely with other varietals such as Pinot Noir.? We’ll take a look at one of those.? There is a long river valley here, as the Adige river winds its way to the Adriatic.? It is the second longest river in Italy, and helps provide a wide variety in climate and growing conditions in contrast to the Alpine peaks to the north.

    Peter Zemmer makes wine here, from the estate winery and vineyards his grandfather founded back in 1928.? The winery is located in 001-1the small village of Cortina, home to some 600 people.? Peter makes a wide variety of wines, both white and red.? The red grapes include international varieties such as Merlot and Pinot Noir, as well as indigenous grapes like Lagrein.? The whites include Pinot Grigio, Chardonnay, Gewürtztraminer and others.? You can read about the entire range of wines on their website at?http://www.peterzemmer.com/en/about-us/welcome.html.

    We have two wines from Peter Zemmer to review, one white and one red.? Here they are:

    IMG_1701Wine:? Peter Zemmer Pinot Grigio 2017

    Winery Location: ? Cortina, Alto Adige, Italy

    Tasted By:? Neil & Cheri ? ? ? ? ?? Date: ? July 2018?

    Tasting Notes:? The wine is a light straw color, with a bright nose of white peach, melon, floral accents and some spice.? On the palate you get some distinct minerality, with the fruit front and center.? The finish is long and the spice lingers? This has good acid, great balance and stays fresh throughout.? At the same time is has some presence and an elegance that really is beautiful.? This is top notch Pinot Grigio, and the kind of wine people who dismiss the grape should try.? If you’re one of those, it will change your mind.

    Price Point – ?? ~$18

    Would We Buy It? ? Yes.? This is an excellent Pinto Grigio, with complexity, elegance and some structure.? Overall it is a very well made wine which represents a good value.

    and now the red:

    IMG_1699Wine:? Peter Zemmer Pinot Noir Rolhüt 2016

    Winery Location:? ?Cortina, Alto Adige, Italy

    Tasted By: ?? Neil & Cheri ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?? Date: ? July 2018 ??

    Tasting Notes: The color here is a medium cherry red, tending towards garnet.? It is brilliant and transparent.? The nose is full of black cherry, a noticeable minerality and some spicy tones.? On the palate, the fruit is front and center, with ripe cherry, some cherry cordial and a little orange peel at the end.? There’s also an earthiness underneath everything here, and that brings an extra measure of richness to the wine.? This has more character than we expected from an Alto Adige red.? Good acid, surprising depth and a long finish round out an excellent wine.

    Price Point – ?? also ~$18

    Would We Buy It? ? Yes again.? This has a lot of good qualities and provides more depth and richness than you would expect from a red wine from this region.? This is a good value as well.

    These were both very well made wines, which bring more character and depth than was expected.? It leaves us looking forward to trying more of the Peter Zemmer line.

    A votre santé!

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