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    Not Screaming Eagle, but it’s Cabernet and only $4

    We wish we could drink expensive wine everyday.? All the time.? If you donated 100 cases of world class wine to my cellar I would graciously accept and drink all of it (although not at once).? Unfortunately we have to buy this stuff, and that means a balance between lower priced juice for everyday use and better bottles sprinkled in.? Throw in the really good bottle every now and then and that’s our drinking regime.? Everyday tends to be a $10-ish kind of bottle, and you can get plenty of good wine between $8 and $12.? We also sprinkle in even lower priced goods when appropriate, and this wine is one of those.? We’ve had several vintages of this wine and buy it by the case.? When I buy a case I leave the store for less than $50.? This breaks down to $4 each.? It takes some of the sting out of the big boys when we open one of them (and keep in mind that’s one of our $25-$45 big boys.? We don’t buy really expensive bottles of anything.? So no Screaming Eagle here.)

    Here’s the wine:

    foxbrookWine:? 2012 Fox Brook Cabernet Sauvignon

    Winery Location:? Sonoma Valley (I think)

    Tasted By:?? Neil & Cheri ????????????????????????????Date:??? Frequently

    Tasting Notes: ??? – this is the quintessential value Cabernet on the lower end.? It shows good fruit.? The alcohol levels are low at 12.5%.? The tannins are mild and the acid is as well, which means it really is in balance, just all at the low end.? There’s a little complexity to it, enough that you don’t dismiss is as not worth putting in your mouth.? It’s really not bad, in fact it’s pretty good.? At $4 it’s really good.? I don’t mind filling in with this wine at all, although I would prefer the Screaming Eagle (I presume, since I’ve never actually tried Screaming Eagle and likely won’t anytime soon).

    I think it actually was considerably cheaper a few years ago if you can believe it.? Here’s something I found on line at http://goodcheapwine.info/CabernetReview.html.

    Fox Brook, Cabernet Sauvignon 2004, California $1.99 – a real find, this Cab has clear fruit forward intensions with the prerequisite mild tannins and just enough complexity to keep your interest. This may not be a great wine, but it is more than good enough to be great value. Definitely drinkable.”

    I would sort of agree with everything they said for the current version.? I’ll keep buying cases, until I hit the lottery.

    Price Point – ? $4

    Would We Buy It?? – we’ve bought cases of this and will buy more cases of it.? A perfectly serviceable everyday red at $4.? It’s a good thing.


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