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    More Accolades for Seamus Wines

    corkWe’re big fans of Seamus wines, and have been for several years.? There are lots of reasons, first and foremost being that they make great wines.? Their 2012 Atwood Ranch Reserve Cabernet is one of the best wines we’ve everIMG_1963 had, anywhere, anytime.? You can’t get it just yet, as they haven’t officially released, but it is coming soon.? The rest of their range is pretty stellar as well, including a new rosé, Debutante, which is taking parts of the country by storm.? You can read more about Seamus and their wines in our last review by clicking here.

    This time the medals are flowing from the 2016 Sonoma Harvest Fair.? Here is the press release.


    SEAMUS WINES Takes FOUR medals – 2016 Harvest Fair
    September 20, 2016 – Séamus Wines is a multi-award winner in the 2016 Sonoma County Harvest Fair, Santa Rosa,
    ? GOLD: 2011 Old Sonoma Cabernet 100
    ? GOLD: 2014 Debutante Rosé
    ? SILVER: 2010 Old Sonoma Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve
    ? BRONZE: 2013 Chardonnay

    “It’s great to be validated in the heart of where Séamus Wines began… Sonoma County!” – James Foley, Jr.
    The annual Sonoma County Harvest Fair is the largest regional wine competition in the United States and has been promoting Sonoma winemaking since 1974. Any professional wine made with grapes grown in Sonoma County, with a Sonoma County designated AVA as the only region listed on the bottle, is eligible for entry. This year there were 1,094 wines entered by 195 brands. Séamus Wines took 4 total- 2 Gold, 1 Silver & 1 Bronze -medals. This year’s Harvest Fair takes place on September 30, October 1, and October 2.
    Séamus Wines is family-owned by Irish father-son team James Foley Sr. & James Foley Jr. Jim Sr. runs the business office, wholesale, and retail sales from Marietta, Georgia while Jim Jr. oversees grape acquisition, production, and winemaking in the San Francisco Bay Area.

    Jim Jr. will personally pour Séamus’s winning wines at this 42nd annual competition awards showcase of Sonoma County’s “grand harvest” which continues to result in world-class wines, beers and culinary wealth. Each October, thirsty travelers from across the US come to Santa Rosa, CA to participate in a complete farm to table experience inspired by Sonoma County’s farmers, ranchers, vintners and producers. Jim Jr. is ready to shake their hands and pour them a glass of his prized wines.

    Séamus Wines produces 1200 cases annually of ultra-premium, hand crafted California wines made from fruit purchased from the very finest vineyards and appellations for each varietal sourced. Because Séamus Wines is small, Jim’s Sr. & Jr. live out their passion for creating superior wines by literally hand selecting hard-to-find vineyards for their grape portfolio based exclusively on quality, terroir, and winemaker’s needs. Being small producers allows Séamus Wines to purchase the best fruit from preeminent vineyards without impacting their commitments to large customer. Being able to exactly source the grapes they want for each wine allows them the control need to create luxury wines with sell across the US. The 2016 Harvest Fair Award Medals validate, once again, this brand’s quality wines.


    So there you have it.? It’s not just us!

    A votre sante!? Or, as the boys from Seamus would say – Slainte!

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