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    Margaret & Maxwell, a Wine Salon in Asheville, N.C.

    IMG_2371We were recently in Asheville, North Carolina, visiting the Biltmore Estate.? You can read more about that by clicking here.? On the Biltmore Estate there is a large and excellent winery, which we visited as well, and spent some quality time at.? That you can read about by clicking here.? The estate is located in Asheville, and there is, indeed, a vibrant town to visit outside the gates.? While wandering around the village area located outside Biltmore Estate. we ran into a sign for a “Wine Salon”.? This was different, and intriguing. What exactly is a wine salon?? Would they be pouring wine?? Possibly they would be selling bottles and were a retail shop?

    Running across an interesting, wine oriented shop pretty much guarantees we’re going to go in and investigate.? So we did that here.? And yes, they are both a wine bar and a wine shop.? As you enter there are racks distributed throughout a surprisingly open space.? These are packed with wines from around the world, at every price point.? You can spend $15 on a North Carolina white, less on a bright and fruity Beaujolais, or splurge for the

    Open an elegant space

    Open an elegant space

    Wine Spectator’s #1 Wine of the Year.? That heralded wine, the 2015 Sassacaia, was flanked by bottles of Tignanello and Ornellaia, all classic super-Tuscans.? As we wandered around you could find similar representation from the great wine areas of the world.? Equally exciting were the many selections of lesser known wines, all of which come with the promise of discovery.? There is a lot to take in.

    If you continue to the back of the store you emerge into the wine bar, an intimate and comfortable space dominated by a gorgeous, silver gray flecked stone bar on top of a work of art wood base.? You can sit at the bar or in a comfortable seating area to the side.? Wines are offered for sale by the glass, as well as a few featured wines opened for tastings.? On the wine list, you’ll find wines that you are probably not familiar with.? This provides an opportunity to find something new.

    Super Tuscan anyone?

    Super Tuscan anyone?

    The salon is the creation of owners Todd and Paula.? Their middle names: Todd Maxwell and Paula Margaret, form the basis of the name – Margaret and Maxwell.? Their motivation for the store is best described by themselves.? Here is an excerpt from their website:

    Todd and Paula relocated to Asheville from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, with the goal of opening a combination retail wine store and wine bar.? After working at a small, boutique wine store in Milwaukee, Paula envisioned a retail space where not only a well-curated selection of wines were sold, but also a small bar/lounge area where many of the lesser known, less popular wines could be introduced to and discovered by customers? While we’re not averse to a luscious Cab or ethereal Pinot Noir, at Margaret & Maxwell, we put an emphasis on educating people about all types wine in an inviting and fun atmosphere. After all, drinking wine should be a pleasurable experience!

    Margaret & Maxwell provides customers with a sophisticated wine buying and tasting experience.? When you visit our store, you

    The wine bar

    The wine bar

    will find an interesting and inviting space in which to explore wine.? We strive to provide the utmost in customer service, taking the time to listen to you and assist you in choosing the ideal wine to meet your palate and budget.? Our selection is broad, encompassing many wine regions of the world at all price points.

    The aim of our wine bar is to offer patrons a place to relax with a glass of wine from selections not often found on other wine lists in the area.? We encourage our customers to take a moment from their busy day to explore the world of wine with a taste, flight or glass.”

    We definitely believe they have achieved their goals.? The store is fun, inviting and provides a wide spectrum of wine experience.? If you find yourself near Biltmore Village, in Asheville, you should stop in and see for yourself.

    We’ll be dropping in the next time we are in town.

    The particulars:

    Margaret & Maxwell Wine Salon

    5 All Souls Crescent
    Asheville, NC 28803


    A votre santé!

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