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    From Georges Duboeuf – New Pays d’Oc Wines

    George Duboeuf has introduced a new line of wines, all from the Aude region of the Pays d’Oc, which roughly covers the area of the southern French Languedoc-Roussillon region.? Aude is in the south, close to the Pyrenees and the Spanish border.? This is one of the most prolific wine growing regions in France, and in fact, the world.

    Georges makes a wide variety of good value French wine, and is a name you can always count on.? In the past several years we’ve reviewed many of his wines, including the incredible 2015 Cru Beaujolais.? This new line is value priced, and we have two of them to review.? An excerpt from the recent press release is below to provide some background:

    Pays d'Oc wines

    “NAPA, CA (August, 2018) — This summer Le Vins Georges Duboeuf expands its U.S. portfolio with the introduction of four varietal-specific wines from the Pays d’Oc region in Southern France. ??The Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon grapes for each of the new value-priced wines come from vineyards using sustainable farming practices.? These wines represent the best expressions of the varietal from the region.
    Nestled across lush mountains high above the Mediterranean Sea, the Aude region of the Pays d’Oc provides an ideal climate for growing grapes. The vineyards the Duboeufs have chosen to supply the grapes for their new brand have been sustainably managed and ethically farmed since the mid-1990’s. These farms rely on cover crops to control common issues like erosion and water filtration and practice? minimal intervention in the vineyards.
    “The growers we work with in the Pays d’Oc region share our vision for sustainable winemaking that includes such practices as incorporating revitalized plantings of wildflowers and grasses into their cover crops. This attracts beneficial insects, birds, and animals that all contribute to a sustainable ecosystem,” says Franck Duboeuf, who owns Les Vins Georges Duboeuf with his father, the legendary vigneron Georges Duboeuf. “We applaud, and are happy to promote, the fruits of their efforts.”
    The fields in the foothills below these vineyards are awash in an array of vibrant wildflowers that have inspired the wines’ labels. Each of the four bottles features a different native French wildflower that grows raw, natural, and undisturbed across the region. These labels are both a symbol of the Duboeuf’s enthusiastic endorsement of sustainability and craftsmanship, and a link to Duboeuf’s well-known Beaujolais and Maconnais wines with various flowers on the labels.? Over the years, these wines have become famous as the Georges Duboeuf “flower” series. The new wines are likewise becoming known by the fanciful “Wildflower” name, for the images their labels depict.”
    Here are the two wines we have for review:

    2017 Georges Duboeuf Pays d’Oc Cabernet Sauvignon?

    From grapes grown in south-facing vineyards in the Pay’s d’Oc, close to the Medieval city of Carcassone, this wine is an IGP Pays d'Oc Cabdesignated, 100% Cabernet Sauvignon.? The IGP designation has replaced the old Vin de Pays classification, which translates as “country wine“.? These are considered table wines, but carry a designation of geographic origin.? After maceration, the wine sees frequent pumpovers during fermentation, which occurs in stainless steel tanks.? After completing? fermentation the juice sees a bit of French oak.? Our thoughts:

    This has a rich, red color and a nose of berry fruits, with typical currants at the forefront.? It is just full bodied, with a rich palate, ripe berries, mild tannins and a subtle touch of oak.? The finish is pleasing, although not extremely long.? Overall this a very nice wine, with lots of flavor and a little complexity.? At the price it is a steal.? Suggested retail is only $11.99.

    2017 Georges Duboeuf Pays d’Oc Pinot Noir?

    This is sourced from the same region as the Cabernet above.? It also sees frequent pumpovers during fermentation in stainless steel Pays d'Oc Pinottanks.? This wine sees a limited exposure to oak.? What did we think?

    This has a lot of color, and looks rich.? It is deep ruby, tending towards garnet.? The nose is clean, with ripe strawberry and red cherry notes.? On the palate the cherry really shines.? Medium+ in body, there are noticeable tannins in this wine, and it has some grip.? The finish is long and satisfying.? This is a great value in Pinot Noir, and just an overall solid wine.? Also a suggested retail of $11.99.

    We’ve been drinking Georges Duboeuf wines for 25 years.? His Syrah started our journey into reds way back then, and his name is still synonymous with value in French wines that won’t dent your wallet too heavily.? Both of the wines reviewed here are very much worth the money, and more.

    A votre santé!

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