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    Even More Good Value Wines From Portugal

    We’ve been reporting on our recent excursions into the Portuguese wine market, and have been uncovering some pretty screaming values along the way.? You can read about our earlier experiences here and here.? In this blog we’ll share three more wines that have stood out, and this time the reds actually include Touriga Nacional in the mix, something I would have sworn would not work for me.? Maybe my checkered past with that grape was an aberration, although I am not ready to declare that just yet.? It may be coming soon though, as we have a bottle of 100% Touriga Nacional in the cellar, and every time I go in there I can feel it staring at me.? There is a showdown coming soon.

    Leaving that drama for another day, let’s take a look at what we have before us today.? Here they are:

    Pavao Vinho Verde – this is the wine Sarmento’s Imports sold over 23,000 cases of last pavao vinho verdeyear.? It’s crisp, with some nice fruit and a slight effervescence.? Acidity cleans the palate and the wine is refreshing.? It’s very drinkable, and it’s $3.99.? Thus the reason for 23,000 cases.? This is a good value.

    2009 Dom Divino Dao – now the red blends, this time from the Dao region.? Here there is Touriga in the blend, and it works very well.? This wine had some Brett upon opening but it blew off pretty quickly, unfolding into a deep wine with dark berries, full body and good length.? Blackberry was really prominent.? The tannins are still substantial, and the wine has a lot of life left.? It is 1003141924quite good, and if it was $12 to $15 I wouldn’t be surprised.? I am surprised though, because it is about $5.99.? This is pretty great value.

    2010 Pedra d’Orca Dao Reserva –? another dark purple/red wine with a nose of dark fruit with coffee notes.? There is a touch of oak, and it is nicely integrated.? On the palate the wine brings dark fruit in a full bodied, slightly tannic tasting experience with some oak showing as well.? The finish is quite long.? This is another very good wine that I would not be shocked to retail around $15.? This is more expensive than the last wine, and checks in at a pitiful $6.99.? Another screaming value wine here.

    We’re now fully convinced that Portugal offers some incredible values.? If you read through our last three blogs on the area you’ll find a list worth trying, at twice or three times the price.? This is great.? It also leaves a question in the back of my mind, which is “What do you get for $20-$30 or more?”.? If the low end is this good, how good is the high end?? This is the question we’re going to start looking into, although we have a few more value priced wines to get through.? And don’t even get me going on Port….

    More to come here, and we’re looking forward to the journey.

    A votre sante!

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