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    Dining Review – Baba Sushi & Hot Pot in Sturbridge, MA

    baba 4A really good sushi restaurant is hard to find.? In Worcester, MA, Baba Sushi has gained a reputation for being just that.? We’re not in Worcester very often, but we are frequently in Sturbridge, MA, and it so happens that Baba Sushi opened a second location in this quaint town.? This could turn out to be quite convenient.

    On our last trip to visit the kids we went to lunch at Baba Sushi.? The restaurant is large, deceptively so from the outside.? There is?long bar and bar table area, a sushi bar, and some additional dining rooms.? This is in an old building, which has been beautifully renovated.? There is ample parking as well.

    Once inside you’ll have your choice of three menus.? There is, of course, sushi of all shapes and sizes.? There is also a traditional Asian

    The hot pot with spice broth

    The hot pot with spicy broth

    menu, and you can get teriyaki and fried rice and tempura.? The third choice is most the most fun though, and that is hot pot.? Hot pot is exactly what it sounds like, they bring a steaming bowl of broth, keep it hot using a heating element on the table, and you cook your meat and vegetables right there.? This is a great way to spend some family time, as it eliminates the quick meal option.? You are going to?be here for a while?if you get hot pot.

    On our recent trip we had some sushi rolls for appetizers, a vegetable hot pot, one of the meat &?seafood?hot pot meals?for two, and some traditional dishes as well.? Everything was excellent.

    Cheri had the?garden salad and chicken teriyaki, and the salad was absolutely delicious.? It was finely chopped and?served in a formed, rounded shape, dressed with some combination of ginger dressing and soy.? The teriyaki was classic and also very good.? I ended up finishing it, soaking up the sauce with white rice.

    Sushi here is very fresh and perfectly prepared.? A spicy tuna roll and a California roll disappeared quickly.

    veggie hot pot

    veggie hot pot

    The vegetable hot pot was ordered with the standard broth, which has some flavor built in, but is accompanied by chopped chiles, hot pepper sauce and other spices you can add.? The meat & seafood hot pot choice was the spicy broth, and there was little need to add anything else.? This had a good kick to it.

    Generally ordering hot pot insures you will be bringing some food home.? They pile on the veggies, there was

    hot pot for two - meat, fish and veggies

    hot pot for two – meat, fish and veggies


    plenty of meat and seafood, and some udon noodles as well.? Best of all, though, was that we took our time, talked and laughed, and ate at a leisurely pace.? This is a great way to spend some quality time with people you like.

    As for beverages, the wine list is not extensive but pretty broad, and the prices are very good.? We had?a bottle of the 2015 Pascual Toso Malbec from Mendoza, in Argentina.? It baba 8was a rich red with excellent fruit, good body and a long finish.? It was also $24 in the restaurant, which is almost unbelievably low.?? There are plenty of other specialty drinks, saki choices and a full bar for anything else you might want.

    Our wallet is out for Baba Sushi.? It can get a bit crowded, especially at dinner, so reservations might be in order.? Plan to spend some time.

    The particulars:

    Baba Sushi Sturbridge

    453 Main Street,?? Sturbridge,? MA? 01518

    (774) 304 – 1068

    Website – http://www.babasushi.com/? (although this is still only the original webpage for the Worcester location)

    A votre santé!
    Baba Sushi & Hot Pot Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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