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    Delightful and Affordable Wines from Heinz Eifel

    IMG_1195When you think of purely delicious, imported wines from great regions you don’t usually expect to get them for just over $10 a bottle.? Now and then, these kinds of things do happen, and thankfully we are able to highlight just such a circumstance in this review.? The wines are German, the producer is Heinz Eifel, and the values are pretty ridiculous.

    Heinz Eifel started his winemaking venture in 1979, in the heart of the Mosel Valley in Germany.? His daughter assumed winemaking duties in 2000 after gaining her oenology degree, and the family never looked back.? Today they produce a range of quality wines, using only top quality grapes and modern techniques.? Many large winery owning families turn over the winemaking to others, but not so here.? Heinz Eifel maintains control over the entire winemaking process, from the vineyards to the bottle.

    We have four wines to review here, three Rieslings and a Gewürztraminer.? All are under $15, actually closer to $10.? This is extreme value territory.? Here they are:

    Heinz Eifel 2015 Riesling Spatlese –?this has a great nose of peach, with some lychee-like citrusy tones.? On IMG_1197the palate it is slightly sweet, but has great acid and a beautiful balance throughout.? The fruit is bright and clean.? Your favorite spicy Asian dish would love to be served with this.? $13, and a fabulous value there.

    IMG_1196Heinz Eifel 2015 ‘Shine’ Riesling QbA –?this has a light straw color with some green tinges, and more apple and pear than citrus.? There is a slight petrol scent on the nose, but the fruit is ever present.? Words like refreshing, and of course delicious, come to mind.? It’s more off dry than sweet.? Another long, clean finish marks this particular wine, and it is also an incredible value at around $10.

    Heinz Eifel 2015 Riesling Kabinett –?Also pale yellow with some greenish notes, the hint of petrol here is IMG_1198more noticeable on the nose.? With it are pear, apple and some citrus.? Just a touch of sweetness.? The overall sensation on the plate is beautiful, clean and crisp with bright fruit.? $12, and yes – another crazy value.

    IMG_1199Heinz Eifel 2015 ‘Shine’ Gewürztraminer –?let’s take a break from the Riesling and go to this wine, a delightful Gewürztraminer that delivers pear and white peach aromas and flavors, along with apple.? It is a tiny bit tart, which adds to the freshness.? Off dry, with the same crisp and clean characteristics of its Riesling cousins above.? $11, and need I say it?

    If you like delicious white wines that bring lots of fruit, maybe a touch of sweetness and incredible value, then look for these.? They are all worthy of buying by the case, and all four are going onto our Value List.

    A votre santé!

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