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    Convenient Cans for Summer Wine Time – From Santa Julia

    santa julia logoWine in a box, wine in a can, wine in a mini-keg; if they make a container, they put wine in it these days.? Generally you don’t think of any of these as holding world class juice, but then again, you don’t really drink world class juice every day now, do you.? At least most of us don’t.? So that leaves a lot of times, when convenience might be an important factor.? The wine still has to be good, regardless of the level of convenience, or in our book it’s just not worth it.? The wines reviewed here are good, and convenient, and in cans.? You can leave your corkscrew in the kitchen drawer.

    Santa Julia wines come from Mendoza, Argentina, and the Zuccardi family.? Grapes come from certified organic vineyards.? Bodega Santa Julia is committed to sustainability and respect for the environment.? The line’s name is taken from Julia,? the daughter of current director of Familia Zuccardi, José Zuccardi.

    Here are the wines, all of which come in 375 ml cans, exactly 1/2 of a standard bottle.? They are all priced at $6 SRP per can.

    Santa Julia Malbec Rosé – Made with Organic Grapes

    This has a nice salmon color, and a bright nose of red fruit with strawberries prominent.? There is also a touch of anise.? On the palate itsanta julia 1 is clean and fresh, with the strawberry still holding sway, but joined by some some blood orange at the back.? It has a nice finish and surprising length.? Perfect for a picnic or on the deck.

    santa julia chardonnay canSanta Julia Chardonnay – Made with Organic Grapes?

    Light, golden yellow in color, this has bright aromas of apple and pear, along with some tropical notes.? You get some citrus too.? This is very clean, only finished in stainless steel.? You get some body and texture on the palate, which stays with you all the way through the finish.? This is quite good, and much better than you are likely expecting after you pour it out of a can.? Good anywhere, anytime.

    2018 Santa Julia Tintillo

    This is a blend of Malbec and Bonarda.? The first is a grape that has taken off in Mendoza and is now a signature grape of the region.? santa julia tintillo canThe second grape is one many are not familiar with, known for easy drinking and soft reds.? Combined, they make for a dark violet wine, with very fruit forward aromas of red fruits.? The wine is made using the carbonic maceration method, where the grapes are left whole and fermentation is left to just sort of happen.? The result is a lighter style, with the fruit generally the centerpiece of the wine.? That’s exactly what you have here.? Pack some in your picnic cooler, serve it chilled, and enjoy.

    Yes, these are convenient options for your summer party, picnic or cooler on the deck.? These are also filled with good wine, and that makes them even better.? The Chardonnay is really good.

    A votre santé!

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