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    And Yet Another Great Value Bordeaux: from 2010

    Great vintage Bordeaux.? Lesser known chateaux.? Great scores and awards.? Low price.? Great value.

    latour laguens


    Where have you seen that thread before?? Why here of course!? We love great vintage Bordeaux from less heralded properties.? They represent some of the greatest values you’ll ever find.? Today we’ll look at another, this time from the excellent 2010 vintage.? The 2010 vintage is considered truly outstanding by almost every well known wine critic, who?likely would?still find something to argue about, such as whether it is better than 2009, or 2005, or some other great vintage.? We really don’t know for certain, but we do know that every bottle of 2010 we have personally opened, or tasted at various events, has been pretty spectacular.

    This wine?was unexpected, and on?sale.? We bought some and opened a bottle, then went back for?a second case.? It was, sadly, sold out.? Word travels fast it seems.? Still, you might see this occasionally.? When you do you should buy of it.? Maybe a lot of it.

    2010 Latour LaguenWine: ??2010 Chateau Latour-Laguens?

    Winery Location:???Bordeaux Superieur, Saint-Martin du Puy, France

    Tasted By:? ??Neil & Cheri??????????????????Date:????? July 2010

    Tasting Notes:? located in the swath of land between the Garonne and Dordogne Rivers, the winery’s vineyards are 70% Merlot, with the remainder mostly Cabernet Sauvignon.?? This has received very good scores and multiple medals, and we can quickly see why.? It is a dark red wine, with beautiful berry fruit on the nose.? Some oak, herbal notes and little briar creep in.? It is full bodied on the palate, with great black raspberry and currant dominating the profile.? A long finish tops off a well made and quality Bordeaux claret.? This is very good indeed.? If someone said it was a $30-$40 wine you wouldn’t be very surprised.

    Price Point – ???$14.99 (with free shipping!)

    Would We Buy It? ???we did, and tried to buy more.? We have a request in with the retailer just in case they get another allotment.? This is one of the best values we’ve run across in a while.? Grab it if you get the chance anywhere near this price.

    Great vintages in Bordeaux.? It is a beautiful thing.

    A votre santé!

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