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    Absolutely Beautiful Beaujolais

    Beaujolais wine, made from the Gamay grape, is widely known as light and fruity.? Beaujolais Nouvea, which is released every November, is made to be drunk young and is a poster child for that light and fruity image.? But there is much more to talk about than light and fruity wine.? Beaujolais makes bigger and richer reds as well.? In the northern part of Beaujolais are the ten crus.? These areas turn Gamay into more serious wine, much of which can be aged for some time, some of which can be aged for a long time, and all of which provides a truly delicious experience.? Cru Beaujolais is a favorite of many wine lovers.

    Of the ten cru villages, Moulin-A-Vent stands near the top.? It’s wines, as with all the crus, is richer, with more body and depth of flavor than your average Beaujolais Nouveau.? It’s one of my favorites.? In this review we’ll look at a stunning example of a top notch Moulin-A-Vent, and one which demonstrates exactly how good Beaujolais can be.? Here’s the wine:

    IMG-0398Wine: ? 2018 Domaine De La Vigne Romaine (Moulin-A-Vent)

    Winery Location:? ?Beaujolais, France

    Tasted By:? ?Neil & Cheri? ? ? ? Date:? ? ?July 2020

    Tasting Notes:?? the wine is quite dark for Beaujolais, and more garnet than ruby.? The nose is complex, with dark berries and a touch of oak.? There is some spice, and a hint of that classic cherry kirsch.? On the palate this is medium bodied, and surprisingly rich, with medium tannins, nice acid and great balance.? It is very long.? This is one of the best Beaujolais wines I have had in a long time, and one of my favorites ever.

    Price Point –? ?$28.99 suggested retail

    Would We Buy It?? ?Absolutely.? This is a stunning Beaujolais.? Depth, richness, the backbone for aging and still that delightful fruit.

    This wine is not inexpensive for a Beaujolais, but it is inexpensive for a world class red.? And that is what this is.? If you haven’t tried the high end of what Beaujolais can deliver, you should try this.

    A votre santé!

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