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    A Tasty and Affordable Wine from Priorat and Feixa Negra

    Feixa PicWe’ve been writing about a lot of Spanish wine over the past four months or so, and it has been a great journey.? A virtual one to be sure, as we have not?physically set foot in the country of Spain, but we can say without question the wine is fabulous and the country looks amazing.? It is on our list of places to visit.

    The wine world is vast, however, and it is time to wander somewhere else with sunshine and grapevines.? Before we do there are a few wines left to talk about, and the one we’ll review here is from one of the greatest wine producing areas in Spain, Priorat.? This is one of?only two designated DOCa regions in Spain, which stands for Denominación de Origen Calcificada.??It is the highest designation they have, and signifies a region which produces the highest quality of wine, and therefore commands the highest prices.

    Priorat has many great producers, and many world recognized wines.? It deserves a lengthy and in depth study, and we will do so at a later date.? For now, let’s just say that more international varieties influence the wines here, and you can find Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Syrah along with indigenous grapes.? The primary grapes are Garnacha and Carine?a, and many wines are from old vines.? The reds are rich and powerful.? This is not Tempranillo country.

    We have?one wine from Priorat to mention here, and it is noteworthy because of its value.? You can get a taste of what Priorat has to offer without breaking the bank.

    IMG_1208Wine: ?2015 Feixa Negra??

    Winery Location:???D.O. Priorat, Catalunya,? Spain

    Tasted By:???Neil & Cheri???????????????????????????Date:????September 2017?

    Tasting Notes:? This is 50% Garnacha and 50% Carine?a, and thus a classic Priorat blend.? It sees six months in oak barrels.? The color is a dark, ruby red and transparent.? Red and black fruits on the nose, with hints of oak, vanilla and caramel.? On the palate the wine has brisk tannins and good balance.? It is medium+ in body.? Nice structure frames a long finish.? This is a quality wine, and is just short of the big, bold Priorats that would also cost much more.? Here you get all the pieces, albeit in a slightly tamed version.? Still, it is an excellent wine and shows you what Priorat can bring.

    Price Point – ???$18

    Would We Buy It? ???definitely at this price point.? This is a good value.

    We’ll get back to Priorat sometime in the future and give it the time it richly deserves.? In the meantime we will certainly drink more wines from Priorat.? We suggest you do as well, and this one is an inexpensive way to do that.

    Feixa Negra is imported into the U.S. by our friends at Winesellers, Ltd.? You can see more of their extensive portfolio on their website at http://www.winesellersltd.com/.? We’ll be reviewing more of their wines in upcoming articles.

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    We have one more in this series to go, a final look at some serious value wines from Rioja.

    A votre santé!

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