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    A Perfect Wine with Shellfish

    Clams with Albarino

    From foodandwine.com

    As a special treat, Cheri recently surprised me with a wonderful appetizer of littleneck clams in a saffron and wine?sauce.? The sauce was thickened with a little flour, and in combination with the spices resulted in a flavorful, savory clam dish.? If you like shellfish then you should try this.?? The recipe is from an old issue of Food?& Wine magazine, originally printed in July 2010, as part of an article on Albari?o.? You can see the full recipe on the Food & Wine website at http://www.foodandwine.com/recipes/clams-sailors-way.

    Not surprisingly (given the theme of the article), the wine of choice here is Albari?o.? It is in the recipe and it goes perfectly with the clams.? The particular Albari?o we used is from Columna, imported to the U.S. by Olé Imports, and hails from the Rias Baixas area of Spain.? Here are the particulars:

    IMG_1186Wine: ????2016 Columna Albari?o

    Winery Location:? ?Rias Baixas, Spain

    Tasted By:???Neil & Cheri????????????? Date:??July 2017?

    Tasting Notes:? The vineyards are located next to the Mi?o river in Galicia (Northwestern Spain) within the Condado de Tea subzone of Rías Baixas.? This is the furthest south of the five wine making subzones within Rias Baixas, and the furthest from the Atlantic Ocean.? This particular wine is pale yellow, with green tinges.? It is brilliant.? The nose is rias baixas mapfull of apple and some background citrus.? On the palate the wine is clean and has a wonderfully purity of fruit.? There is the expected minerality, but the star is the apple, pear and citrus, all wrapped up with a refreshing lemon finish.? It has very good length and is perfectly balanced.?

    Price Point – ???We paid $16 at a local wine shop.? It is an excellent value at that price point.

    Would We Buy It? ???we would buy more of this.? It is a top quality Albari?o for under $20.? Value List material for sure.? This is perfect as a summer sipping wine as well as a great seafood companion.

    If you’re a shellfish fan try this combination.? It really is a match made?in heaven.

    This wine is another great offering from Olé Imports.? We have been featuring a lot of their wines in our ongoing series on Spanish wine (you can start that series by clicking here).? This particular wine from Olé we just happened to stumble upon.? You can see more of Olé’s portfolio at http://www.oleimports.com/.

    A votré sante!

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