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    A Newer Wine and an Older One

    Two more wines to talk about here, consumed sometime in March.? One is a newer Ribero del Duero from Spain, the other a great wine from the 2003 Bordeaux vintage, and that vintage is drinking exceptionally well right now.? Here they are:

    2009 Casajus and 2003 La Tour Carnet

    2009 Casajus and 2003 La Tour Carnet

    Wine:??? 2009 Casajus Ribero del Duero ????? Winery Location:?? Spain

    Tasted By:? ???? Neil & Cheri ??????????????????????????????? Date:???? March 2013

    Tasting Notes: ????? Dark red/purple in the glass, it has some nice fruit flavors but seems restrained out of the gate.? On the palate it is a bit tight, with a core of fruit that seems to be hanging back.? This gets better with some air time, and was much better the second day as it opened up.? Dark fruits from the Tempranillo.? All in all this is good, but it’s not great.? It won’t be making the value list.

    Price Point – ?? About $17

    Would We Buy It? ?? Probably not.? We liked it, but not as much as some wines that are less expensive.? I’d certainly rather drink the Smith Cabernet at around the same price.? There are four or five wines less than $10 I can think of as well.? The Buehler, 2010 Cabernet will be a future review, and that is way better at around the same price.


    Wine:??? 2003 La Tour Carnet ?????????????????????????? Winery Location:?? Haut-Medoc, Bordeaux

    Tasted By:?? Neil & Cheri ??????????????????????????????????? Date:???? March 2013

    Tasting Notes: ????? This is exactly why I love Bordeaux in great vintages.? This is an excellent wine.? La Tour Carnet is a Quatrièmes Crus (Fourth Growth) in the classification of Bordeaux.? It can be had for less than $40 generally at release, and this cost me about $30 as a 2003 future.? I’ve popped open a few 2003 Bordeaux recently and they are drinking fabulously.? The wine is deep purple with a big nose of dark fruit.? The palate has mouth coating, big fruit flavors.? There is enough tannin there to let this age gracefully for years to come, but it is so delicious now.? Long, long finish.? This got scores that averaged about 88/100.? That’s crazy and far too low.

    Price Point – ?? You can still find this under $40.

    Would We Buy It? ?? At that price absolutely.? This is tasty, aged Bordeaux an is drinking great.? A very nice bottle of wine.


    There you have it.? One good and a little over priced for my taste.? One great and fairly priced for what it is.? I love a good Bordeaux.

    A votre sante!

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