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    A Low Cost, Pleasing Summer White Wine Value

    Summer is officially here, and it’s a good time to line up some easy drinking white wines that chill well and deliver value.? For us that frequently means Sauvignon Blanc.? It could be a Riesling, Vouvray or Furmint as well, among others.? There are a lot of options here.

    Recently we ran across a very inexpensive Sauvignon Blanc with a catchy name.? While that’s not something we tend to go for, in this case it was $5 so what do you have to lose?? Besides, the name is perfect for New England, especially anywhere near greater Boston.? Based on the value, people everywhere should drink it though. Here is the wine.

    IMG_1449Wine:??2014 Wicked Sauvignon Blanc

    Winery Location: La Mancha, Spain

    Tasted By:??Neil, Cheri and Alex?????????????????????????? Date:???? June 2015

    Tasting Notes:? the description on the back of the bottle says the wine is grassy.? We found a little on the nose, but very little on the palate, which is good as we don’t like really grassy Sauvignon Blanc.? This has bright grapefruit aromas.? It’s crisp, smooth and clean all the way through.? A very enjoyable white that you can drink anywhere.? At 12% alcohol it’s a little easier to enjoy multiple glasses responsibly.? Quite nice.

    Price Point – ???Two for $10.? How can you go wrong?? With this you can’t.

    Would We Buy It?????We have and we’re buying more.? This is a great value summer white and a pleasing Sauvignon Blanc for very little money.

    Not much?beats a good $5 bottle of wine.? This is just that.? If you’ve spent anytime in the Northeast of the USA you’ve probably heard the work “wicked” used as an adjective.? Things can be wicked bad, wicked fast, wicked this and wicked that.? On the bottle they use the term “wicked crisp”.? That’s true, but in the end, for the money, this wine is wicked good.

    A votre sante!

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