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    A great 2002 Beringer Cabernet and Beef Bourguignon

    We just pulled the last bottle of the 2002 Beringer Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon out of the cellar after a few years of almost pulling the cork.? It seemed about time.? The occasion was our anniversary, not that we needed a special occasion to drink good wine but why not.? I cooked up some beef bourguignon and we had a very delicious dinner.? This wine was pretty special and absolutely perfectly aged.? Here are the notes:

    CIMG2178Wine:??? 2002 Beringer Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon

    Winery Location:?? Napa

    Tasted By:?? Neil & Cheri ?????????????????????? Date:???? November, 2013

    Tasting Notes:???? The cork was perfect, and the wine is very dark purple out of the bottle.? There is an explosive nose of dark fruits, highlighting with plum and blackberry, with also a hint of anise and very subtle oak.? It smells luscious, it swirls around the glass and looks luscious.? Taste it and you confirm it is exactly that, luscious.? This is so rich, with the dark fruits cascading along your palate endlessly.? The oak comes through a little more on the palate, but in a very balanced way.? It’s mature but not sappy or overripe, and the fruit is still bright.? In other words it is perfectly aged right now.? This was exceptionally good.

    Price Point – ?? we paid about $35 back in the day.? I don’t think you can find this now, but it was worth sharing.

    Would We Buy It? ?? Yes, yes, yes.? If you have some for sale email me!

    This was an exceptional wine.? What made it even better was the beef bourguignon, which was absolutely the perfect partner.? If you ever wonder if there’s anything to the wine and food pairing thing, this would have convinced you.? They just seemed made for each other, and every time you had more wine or more beef the flavors mixed and the enjoyment grew.? One of my favorite bottles in a very long time and maybe one of my favorites ever.? I think we just caught it at exactly the right time.? We’ll be pulling some Gattinara and Brunello, and maybe an older Sella& Mosca Cab out for an Italian themed dinner party tonight, so hopefully the perfect age streak continues.

    A votre sante!

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