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    A Delicious Syrah from Chile and Vi?a La Playa

    We’ve reviewed quite a few Chilean wines recently, and overall have been seriously impressed.? You can read more about the wines of Chile in one of our earlier articles by clicking here.? The country has gained recognition on the international wine scene, but many people are probably unaware of the kind of quality they are producing.? We are becoming believers.

    The wine we are reviewing here certainly does nothing to change that view, as it delivers fruit, complexity and balance.? Cheri and I both loved it.? La Playa makes wines primarily from grapes in the Limarí and Colchagua Valleys in Chile.? The winery was started in 1987 by the Axelsen family of California.? The vineyards are very different.? Limarí lies along the south border of the searing hot Atacama desert, the driest place on earth, while the Colchagua enjoys sunshine and large temperature differentials, and has been called “The Next Napa”.?? The Axel Syrah comes from the Limari Valley, and this is one of La Playa’s Premium line.? Also available in the Premium line are a Cabernet Sauvignon, a Carmenere and a Cabernet dominated red blend, Primero.? They also have several other lines to choose from.? Based on our initial taste, we’re looking forward to further exploration.? Here are our notes:

    IMG_2187Wine:? 2011 La Playa Axel Syrah

    Winery Location:?? Limari Valley, Chile

    Tasted By:? ?? Neil & Cheri ?????????? Date:???? April 2016

    Tasting Notes: – this wine is dark red, with a nose of dark fruits, including plum and black cherry.? Savory/meaty notes accompany the fruit, and it presents a pretty classic Syrah profile.? On the palate the wine is full bodied and quite rich, with good acid providing freshness and balance.? It’s still very smooth though, and finishes really long.? There is nothing to find fault with here, and we both really like this wine.? It’s outstanding.

    Price Point – ?? about $22.? We’re putting on our Value List at that price point.? This is good juice.

    Would We Buy It? absolutely.

    Limari Valley Vineyards

    This is good wine, and well worth the $22 price tag.? We’re looking forward to trying more of La Playa’s wines, and in fact have a bottle of the Tinga Reserve Pinot Noir we’ll be reviewing very soon.? Great value here.

    You can learn more about the wines from La Playa on their website at http://laplayawine.com/.

    A votre santé!

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