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    Another Excellent 2005 Bordeaux, and Something Else – October 2013

    Here are two more reds for consideration, although I really only recommend you consider one of them.? One is a Columbia Valley Washington Cabernet from The Magnificent Wine Company, the other a Cotes de Castillon from the excellent 2005 Bordeaux vintage.? One under performs, the other greatly over performs.? The price difference is not anywhere near the quality difference.? Here they are.

    CIMG1861Wine:? 2009 Magnificent Wine Company Steakhouse Cabernet

    Winery Location:?? Columbia Valley, Washington

    Tasted By:?? Neil & Cheri ???????????????? Date:???? September 2013

    Tasting Notes: ??This wine has a noticeable lack of fruit on the nose, and seems closed down.? You really get the the same on the palate, with maybe a little mineral quality but really no fruit to be found.? The body is fairly light, and the length is short.? It really seems like it should be better, but it’s not.? After a day in the bottle this did not get any better.? Underwhelming at best.

    Price Point – ?? This was about $12.

    Would We Buy It? ?? No, not again.? We were disappointed in this.? It will not stand up to a steak, so it is clearly misnamed.? Don’t waste your time.


    CIMG2074Wine:?? 2005 Clos Puy Arnaud ??????????????? Winery Location:?? Cotes de Castillon, Bordeaux

    Tasted By:? ?? Neil & Cheri ???????????????????????????? Date:???? September 2013

    Tasting Notes:??? I could sum this up with a quote from Cheri: “we should drink this everyday.”? We’ve started to dabble a little into our stock of 2005 Bordeaux, and we have to say the initial returns are very encouraging.? This is from the Cotes de Castillon, and is deep purple with a very expressive nose of dark fruit.? On the palate it is full bodied and just dripping with vibrant fruit flavor.? There is definitely currant and blackberry for me.? At 14% alcohol it is not over the top, but it has the mouth feel and presence of a big wine.? There are firm tannins holding up the back but they are not unpleasant now.? It is very long and will last a long time to come, but it so drinkable right now.? Extremely good.

    Price Point – ?? Somewhere in the $20s.? We paid about $20 and it was a steal.

    Would We Buy It? ?? Absolutely.? We still have some but would gladly add more.? This is great stuff for the money.? This is great stuff period.

    There you have it, two wines and buy the Bordeaux.? You will not be disappointed.

    A votre sante!

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