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    A Chance at Your Own Personal Champagne Label!

    I have always dreamed about making my own wine.? My dream involves vineyards, big oak barrels, musty cellars and daily checks on my evolving wine.? For the foreseeable future that remains a dream.? However, if you happen to have an extra $30,000+ lying around, can spend some regular time in Europe, and like Champagne – well, is there a deal for you waiting out there.
    Champagne House Paul Launois is auctioning off ten complete barrels of its Chardonnay, destined to become Gran Cru Champagne.? You can buy one, and then work with the winemaking team there to personally handcraft your juice into a unique expression of their terroir.? You’ll end with about 216 bottles when all the disgorging and dosaging is completed.? Just think of it.
    Obviously this could be great for a high end restaurant.? Also, obviously, this is well out of reach financially for most of us, but you have to admit it is fun to think about.? If you happen to be in a position to seriously consider it, then we wish you luck!
    The press release is below.
    A votre santé!
    (917) 653-5244
    Champagne Paul Launois Hosts First-Ever
    Private Barrel Auction in June
    The Domain’s Innovative ‘Single Barrel’ Concept Invites Owners to Become
    Co-Creators of Grand Cru Champagne
    New York, NY (May 15, 2019)—Champagne Paul Launois will make history next month with its new Single Barrel concept, offering for auction ten complete barrels of chardonnay—which will become Grand Cru Champagne—to industry professionals and collectors. The program is the first-of-its-kind, inviting potential owners to play an active role in the development of an entire barrel of Grand Cru Champagne. Each of the ten barrels for this exclusive auction contain chardonnay from the two best parcels of the Le Mesnil-sur-Oger vineyard, hand-selected by Sarah and Julien Launois. Tasting notes for each of the wines, written by Champagne specialist Philippe Jamesse, are available on the winery’s website. Potential buyers are invited to bid in person at the event in France on June 14, or to present their offers via phone or through the auction house, Interencheres.
    “We are thrilled to be offering wine enthusiasts the very first opportunity to become co-creators of their own Grand Cru Champagne,” stated Julien Launois, proprietor of Champagne Paul Launois. “By purchasing one of our Single Barrels, they will—in a way—become owners of a piece of history.”
    Each owner will work alongside the winemaking team (Sarah and Julien) to determine aging periods and dosage levels, resulting in a signature Champagne unique to his or her individual tastes and preferences. Barrels will be stamped with the owner’s signature and will produce 216 numbered and personalized bottles, which will be held in a private location in the winery’s cellars, for a period of three to ten years, depending on personal preference. During the aging process, the Champagne will be stored on the lees to enjoy various levels of maturity and will be made available at the owner’s request. Buyers are encouraged to visit during this aging period to assess the development of the wine.
    The Single Barrel concept is a unique initiative conceived in 2016 by Julien and Sarah Launois, owners of Champagne Paul Launois. Every year, they select 20 exclusive oak barrels, handcrafted and toasted by the only artisan cooper from Champagne, in which to develop their wines. Each are filled with the best chardonnay Grand Cru from Le Mesnil-sur-Oger, famous for its fineness and liveliness.
    “I was seduced by the art of cooperage at the Tonnellerie Artisanale de Champagne and wanted to further explore the interaction between oak and wine,” remarked Sarah Launois. “This desire gave birth to our idea for Single Barrel Champagne, which has opened up many possibilities to explore the delicate nuances our terroir exhibits.”
    Le Mesnil-sur-Oger is a hillside vineyard with an altitude of about 170 meters (about 560 feet). It enjoys a north/northeast exposure, with very chalky soils, especially near the surface. The domain is committed to sustainable farming practices. For the development of the?Single Barrel concept, Launois uses new barrels, carefully selecting the best plots for inclusion in the project and varying vinification as needed, depending on the vintage.
    The minimum starting price for each barrel in the auction is 23,400 Euros. For more information about Champagne Paul Launois, exclusive tasting notes by Philippe Jamesse, and to register for the auction please visit www.champagne-paul-launois.fr/singlebarrel/. To participate in the auction by phone, registration is required at www.interencheres-live.com.
    MEDIA CONTACT: Amber Gallaty, amber@thegallavantgroup.com or (917) 653-5244.
    _DSC1207 copy.jpg

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