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    A Brilliant, Sustainably Farmed, Chilean Pinot Noir from Montes

    dry emblemIf you like wine you have probably heard of Montes.? The family has been at the forefront of winemaking in Chile for decades, and has produced the fairly iconic Alpha line of wines, as well as many others.? Back in 1987 Montes Alpha Cabernet Sauvignon set the bar for high quality wine from Chile.? Others in the line followed, and it remains a standard to this day.? Along the way Montes has added many other wines, including some really iconic names, such as the Alpha M – a Bordeaux style blend to stand with the best wines on the planet.? The family has even ventured over the Andes, to Mendoza in Argentina, where?Aurelio Montes Jr.?now makes Kaikén, a premium line of wines farmed in Mendoza using bio-dynamic principles and a focus on sustainable practices.? This is a carry over from the family’s founding principles: care for the land, care for the people and do the right thing.

    In Chile, Montes has vineyards throughout the prime wine making territories.? They make a wide range of wines. from multiple montes vineyard mapvarietals and micro-climates.? Everywhere, that appreciation for their stewardship of the earth is at the forefront.? They even have a Research and Development Department which researches better ways to manage water and conserve resources.? You can read much more about their approach on their website, at http://monteswines.com/sustentabilidad_en/.

    We have had many wines from Montes over the years, and can attest to the quality and value they represent.? Here, we have a Pinot Noir from vineyards in the Aconcagua Wine Region to review.? The individual vineyards are located in the Casablanca, Leyda and Zapalla Valleys.? Let’s see what was in the bottle.

    IMG_1166Wine: ?????2014 Montes Limited Selection Pinot Noir??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

    Winery Location:? ?Aconcagua Wine Region Vineyards

    Tasted By:? ??Neil & Cheri????????????????????Date:????June 2017?

    Tasting Notes:?? this wine is made from handpicked grapes from three different vineyard areas.? It is a rich, ruby red with purple highlights.? On the nose the expected cherry holds court, accented with floral notes and some toasted oak.? The palate brings clean cherry flavors with subtle nuances.? The acid is brisk but balanced, keeping the wine very fresh and holding up the mid-palate.? Tannins are light.? It is almost full bodied, and quite rich really.? A clean, long finish completes a very well made and delicious Pinot Noir.? We really like this wine.

    Price Point – ??It’s going to be in the $15 range, plus or minus a bit.? It?drinks like a coastal California Pinot Noir two or three times the price.???

    Would We Buy It? ???see the comment above.? We would, and are actually trying to find some near us so we can follow though on that intention.? This is a great value in Pinot Noir.? Try some, try some, you will see!

    Chile always delivers.

    A votre santé!

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