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  • An Epic Fantasy Novel - from the Writer of Red Wine Please!


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    Book Review: Brut Force by Peter Stafford-Bow

    brut force cover

    Brut Force is the sequel to the wild and zany Corkscrew, which is one of the funniest books I have ever read and a rollicking ride through the international wine world. One of the first questions I asked Peter Stafford-Bow after reading Corkscrew was if he was going to write a sequel, because the world

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    Tasty Syrah from the Northern Rhone Valley

    La Source Saint Joseph

    The Rh?ne Valley stretches from Lyon in the north to Avignon in the south. The Rh?ne wines are grouped into two distinct regions, the Northern Rh?ne and the Southern Rh?ne. There are many differences between the two, with the north having a much different climate, including harsh winters. The south is warmer, and more forgiving,

    Continue reading Tasty Syrah from the Northern Rhone Valley


    Top 25 Wines of 2018!

    Top 25 2018

    It’s time to look back at the year just past, and highlight the best of the best from our wine experiences. We tend to do this a bit differently than the other Top Wines of the Year lists you’re used to.

    For one, we only do 25 wines in our list. This is for several

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    Fabulous $12 French Cabernet

    Savuers du temps

    Ahh, great wine at low prices. The Holy Grail for wine value hunters. This is, when found, a truly wonderful thing. Here’s one example which you can look for, and you will thank us if you find it. For $12, it doesn’t get much better than this.

    Wine: 2016 Saveurs du Temps Cabernet Sauvignon

    Continue reading Fabulous $12 French Cabernet

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