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    A Decent, Lower Priced Barbaresco

    cantina barbaresco

    We have always loved Nebbiolo, ever more so since we traveled a bit through Piemonte last year and visited both Barbaresco and Barolo. There’s a reason Barolo has been called the King of Wines. Nebbiolo can be so great, however that generally comes at a price. Finding an excellent Nebbiolo at a reasonable cost is

    Continue reading A Decent, Lower Priced Barbaresco


    A Quality, Go To Pinot Noir under $20

    bravo 4

    It can be difficult to find good Pinot Noir at bargain prices. Actually we have always found it to be the most difficult of the major varieties. You can get good Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Chardonnay, Malbec and so on for under $20. Not so much with Pinot Noir. Low priced options tend to be watery

    Continue reading A Quality, Go To Pinot Noir under $20


    Red Wine Please! Top 25 Wines of 2015

    Top 25 2015 Gold

    There is no shortage of lists each year touting the top wines of the previous 12 months. Every major wine publication does one. What is somewhat amazing is how little they seem to agree, and you can read more about that here. In their defense it must be hard to pick, as they sample from

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    Dining Review – Aquitaine in Dedham, MA

    acquitane 1

    As you probably guessed from the name, Aquitaine is a French bistro, located in the Legacy Place shopping center off of Route 1A in Dedham, MA. We tend to like French bistros, and are happy to report that this is no exception. When you walk in a large bar extends on the left toward the

    Continue reading Dining Review – Aquitaine in Dedham, MA


    Crush – an Eclectic Wine Shop in New Bedford, MA

    crush 5

    Cheri and I grew up in the New Bedford, MA area, and have seen the city’s downtown go through rebuild and renaissance several times. Most have not had lasting effects, but the downtown area these days has a different feeling. Restaurants and shops along Purchase street and close by seem to be thriving, and there

    Continue reading Crush – an Eclectic Wine Shop in New Bedford, MA


    What to Make of All These Top 100 Wine Lists?

    Top 100 2

    It seems that every major wine publication puts out a list at the end of the year of their top 100 wines. The tasters for these highly esteemed rating organizations taste through thousands, if not tens of thousands, of wines during the course of the year. You would think with all of them being experts

    Continue reading What to Make of All These Top 100 Wine Lists?


    Dining Review – Gracie’s in Providence, RI

    gracies 8

    We have enjoyed going to Gracie’s periodically for many years. It has always delivered a quality dining experience, with excellent food and a good ambiance. They also allow you to bring your own wine, albeit with a $25 corkage fee. We had a couple of nice French reds in our wine bag this past weekend

    Continue reading Dining Review – Gracie’s in Providence, RI


    Wines From Thanksgiving 2015

    Thanksgiving 1

    Thanksgiving is a time to celebrate family, cook all day, eat all day and of course drink some wine! We managed to do that this year, with only a small gathering. There were only four of us, but no one was driving anywhere so we managed to get into a few different bottles. Here’s what

    Continue reading Wines From Thanksgiving 2015

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