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    2014 Newport Mansions Wine & Food Festival – 6 Month Notice!


    It’s hard to believe six months have gone by since we were at the 2013 Newport Mansions Wine & Food Festival. It was a fabulous weekend of great weather, amazing location, excellent food and of course, lots of good wine. We met many interesting people, made a few new friends and generally enjoyed ourselves immensely.

    Continue reading 2014 Newport Mansions Wine & Food Festival – 6 Month Notice!


    Special Bottles by the Glass – Worth Trying!

    Panama City Volnay

    Sometimes you run into a special at a restaurant or bar where they are offering a wine by the glass that they usually either don’t have or is only on the bottle list. It could be they had a customer return a perfectly good bottle, that they got a great deal from a wholesaler on

    Continue reading Special Bottles by the Glass – Worth Trying!


    Tannat #2 – from Argentina

    Mendoza Tannat

    Time for our second Tannat in the ongoing Tannat series. This one is also from South America, this time from the Mendoza region of Argentina. As was the case with the wine from Uruguay this producer has a long tradition, with the winery dating back almost 200 years. This particular wine is from high altitude

    Continue reading Tannat #2 – from Argentina


    Time for Tannat – Uruguay First!


    A grape variety many may not have heard of is Tannat, although it seems to be making a bit of a push of late as I have seen it mentioned or featured in several articles over recent months. The grape is traditionally from the Madiran AOC in southwest France, in Gascony. There is a reason

    Continue reading Time for Tannat – Uruguay First!


    Not Screaming Eagle, but it’s Cabernet and only $4


    We wish we could drink expensive wine everyday. All the time. If you donated 100 cases of world class wine to my cellar I would graciously accept and drink all of it (although not at once). Unfortunately we have to buy this stuff, and that means a balance between lower priced juice for everyday use

    Continue reading Not Screaming Eagle, but it’s Cabernet and only $4


    Another 2003 Bordeaux – from St. Estephe


    Here we’ll take a look at a 2003 St. Estephe. This wine is really ready to drink, and it doesn’t feel like it’s going to hold up a lot longer. That’s been the case with a lot of 2003 Bordeaux we’ve opened over the last year or so, but not all. Some are still going

    Continue reading Another 2003 Bordeaux – from St. Estephe


    Another Excellent Hall Wine


    Hall has become one of the most consistent quality producers over the past few years. I remember buying Hall Cabernet four years ago for about $25 a bottle and thinking that it was a great value. You can’t buy Hall Cabernet for $25 anymore, and that’s a pity because they make really good wine across

    Continue reading Another Excellent Hall Wine


    Dining Review of Bonefish Grill – Cranston RI

    bonehish cranston

    Update May 2014: while the review below is very good, our second trip to the BoneFish Grill was anything but. This time the food was not ready on time, as they had burned Cheri’s. They were firing another, and we asked them to bring the other two dishes and NOT leave them under the heat

    Continue reading Dining Review of Bonefish Grill – Cranston RI

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