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  • An Epic Fantasy Novel - from the Writer of Red Wine Please!


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    Perspective: There’s Always Someone With a Better Bottle

    I generally consider myself a pretty lucky person. My family has never wanted for anything reasonable, my two children have made it through private college without the burden of loans, and we’ve managed to travel a good bit. Of course we’ve also drunk a significant amount of wine as well along the journey, and some

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    Wines of the Week, Jan 19-24, 2013

    2010 Gnarly Head Authentic, 2009 RAvenswood Petite Sirah and the 2001 Sawyer Cabernet

    The previous week we opened three wines that varied all over the map. Our consumption is down a bit as we hopped back on the South Beach Phase 1 diet to lose a few unwanted holiday induced pounds. That means no red wine Monday thru Thursday, and the suffering is extreme, but we persevere. Anyway

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    Gumdrop? Are you kidding me?

    I read thousands of wine reviews because wine is my hobby and I like to. In other posts I’ve written about the various flavors I sometimes can pull out of wine (although I wish I could do it more often), so it’s intriguing to see what others, especially the “experts”, have to say. There are

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    Wines of the Week, Jan 5-11 2013


    This week we opened several good reds which fell into our Everyday and Once or Twice a Week categories. The best was very good and the worst was still pretty good, so call it a successful week of cork pulling. These serve further notice that you don’t have to spend a ton of money to

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    New Year’s Wines

    New Year's Wines

    Over the New Years holiday we opened a few bottles while we relaxed a bit. There was a mix of good and relatively cheap as well as good and not so cheap. Tasting notes are below. We enjoyed all three of these. At between $10 and $12 a bottle we recommend the Las Rocas Garnacha

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