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    2005 Bordeaux Drinking Well! – Chateau Destieux

    We reached into the 2005 Bordeaux this week and pulled out a bottle of Chateau Destieux.? This St. Emilion wine comes from old vines, and it certainly delivered.? We’re not quite sure if it is at its peak yet, but it is close.? Very drinkable now it will be good for many years yet, so no need to panic on it.? Here are the notes:

    Destieux 05Wine: ???2005 Chateau Destieux

    Winery Location:?? St. Emilion, Bordeaux

    Tasted By:???Neil, Cheri and Alex???????????Date:??July 2015

    Tasting Notes:?? – dark purple red, the wine is expressive on the nose with black fruits and a strong essence of tobacco.? It’s rich, and that impression continues on the full bodied experience which hits your palate.? Dark fruits coat the tongue.? It’s long and luscious, and we’re really liking just about every 2005 Bordeaux we open.? This was indeed a great vintage.? Drink this now or save it for a few years.? We looked this up on Wine-Searcher and it had an 86 rating.? That’s just stupid.? Try 93 or so in our opinion.

    Price Point – ???it’s about $60 right now, but we paid significantly less as a future way back when.?

    Would We Buy It? ???yes.? Even at $60 this is pretty excellent juice.? If you’re looking for a full throttle Bordeaux experience that is still elegant, you might want to try this.

    No matter how many excellent wines we find from around the world we always appreciate a great bottle of Bordeaux.? This is one.

    A votre sante!

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